Ep 2: Are there untapped opportunities in clothing take back?

Episode 2 of The Impact Fashion Podcast covers clothing take back scheme. This episode features Lilah Horwitz, who works in a Creative and Marketing role at EILEEN FISHER Renew.

During the episode, we talked about:

  • Eileen Fisher’s approach to collecting old clothes and turning them into new items or reselling them in store.
  • Using data on product performance to inform design choices
  • Selling secondhand clothes alongside new

I hope that fashion does radically change. I would like to see sustainability as the standard.

Lilah Horwitz on episode 2 of The Impact Fashion Podcast

Resources mentioned in the episode:

During our chat, Lilah mentions a “hyper sustainable cleaning process” delivered in partnership with a company called Tersus.

Learning from the episode

Lilah shared two ways that Eileen Fisher encourages their customers to return their old clothes. They currently

  • Share key information on returning clothes where customers will see it.¬†She mentioned that items sold at Eileen Fisher have labels that include information on taking clothes back.
  • Inform and train all customer facing staff about the take-back scheme. This allows everyone to be able to talk to customers about any aspect of the programme that they might have questions about.

Interesting articles/videos on the topic from around the interweb:

  • Brands using take back schemes to recycle waste via Eco Age
  • Retailer clothing take-back guide via WRAP

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