Ep 3: Is technology enabling the implementation of the circular economy?

Episode 3 of The Impact Fashion Podcast focuses on technology. The episode includes an interview with Muchaneta Kapfunde, Editor in Chief of FashNerd.com.

FashNerd is a a digital magazine escalating the adoption of Fashion Technology. So naturally, I wanted to Muchaneta about how technology is being used to progress the industry towards circularity.

During the episode we talked about:

  • How fashion brands are using data and AI
  • The tension between demanding more action on sustainability and celebrating the industry’ achievements so far
  • The importance of collaborating to drive change

The fashion industry’s future depends on collaboration. For us to achieve pace and scale change, we need to collaborate.

Muchaneta Kapfunde on The Impact Fashion Podcast

Resources mentioned in the episode:

During our chat, Muchaneta mentioned Orange Fiber (a company that manufactures sustainable fabric from citrus juice by-products) and Eon (a company that is the leading Internet of Things platform for creating and managing digital identities for connected products) as two companies during interesting work to enable the circular economy. 

Articles on the topic from around the interweb:

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