Ep 4:How are luxury fashion houses embracing the circular economy?

Episode 4 of The Impact Fashion Podcast covers luxury fashion’s interaction with the circular economy. This episode features Sebastien Barillot, founder and CEO of Whyse Bird, who specialised in luxury fashion and supports brands across their supply chains.

Sebastien has worked at a range of companies including Burberry, Aubade and Carrefour, so he shared his experience working in the industry.

During the episode, we talked about:

  • Examples of technology currently used in luxury fashion that could enable circularity
  • The underutilisation and complexities of data in fashion
  • Getting started with integrating sustainability and circular economy into your business

Everything starts with a bold statement.

Sebastien Barillot on episode 4 of The Impact Fashion Podcast

Resources mentioned in the episode:

During our chat, Lilah mentions a “hyper sustainable cleaning process” delivered in partnership with a company called Tersus.

Learning from the episode

Sebastien shared how fashion businesses can begin integrating sustainable and circular strategies. His advice is summarised as:

  1. Set targets based on your company’s mission and vision. The following questions could be used as prompts:
    • What is our commitment as a brand/business?
    • Where do we want to go?
  2. Share your bold statement publicly
  3. Investigate options to identify ways that you can achieve your goals

Articles on the topic from around the interweb:

  • Why luxury brands need to embrace circularity for a sustainable future via Harper Baazar
  • Luxury resale: A secondhand strategy for luxury brands via Luxe

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