Ep 5: Is fashion’s business model broken?

Episode 5 of The Impact Fashion Podcast centres around circular design. The episode features an interview with Patrick McDowell, London based fashion designer and Sustainable Design Director at Pinko.

We talked about:

  • Designing using market data and research
  • The role of the fashion designers today
  • Using ‘waste’ or offcuts to create newness

The whole idea that things are linear is rubbish! We should be learning our whole lives. Unlearning our whole lives. Relearning our whole lives.

Patrick McDowell on The Impact Fashion Podcast

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Patrick quoted a statistic in the episode that says the fashion industry has 70% waste. It is estimated, in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’ ‘A New Textile Economy’ report that 73% of clothing produced globally is landfilled or incinerated. The report also suggests that 12% of textiles are wasted or loss in the production of clothing. See page 20 of the report.

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